The Family Intervention: Getting Help For a Loved One Who Won’t Stop Using Drugs of Alcohol

The Myth of Hitting Bottom

Don’t be fooled by the advice of allowing a loved one to “hit bottom.” “Hitting bottom” proponents reason that one day, when it gets bad enough or when they are ready, people with addictions will …

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10 Steps for Employers to a Drug Free Workplace


This guide is for you, the employer. It will help you develop, implement and maintain a drug-free workplace (DFW) program. The purpose of a DFW program is to enable your company to effectively deal with drug and alcohol (collectively …

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Drugs of Abuse: An Identification Guide

Why This Guide?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”- Benjamin Franklin

The key to effective prevention is knowledge. This guide is designed to inform families, employers, and educators not familiar with the vast array of abused …

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