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2174 Fleury Road, Powell River, BC V8A 0J1, Canada


Has a life of drugs and alcohol led you or a loved one to a sense of desperation, crisis, and loneliness? At Sunshine Coast, we are ready to partner with you in your recovery from addiction toward a new path of personal growth and connection with others.

Call us toll-free at 1 866 487 9010 for a confidential consultation about how our alcohol and drug rehabilitation center can help you.



Sunshine Coast Health Center is a fully licensed residential alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation program that includes counselling, education, therapies for the mind/body/spirit, exercise, nutrition, and off-site recreation.

Located on a seven acre oceanfront campus, Sunshine Coast Health Center is Canada’s leader in men’s residential drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment. Our drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs are designed exclusively for adult men ages 19 and older with mental health issues (trauma, anxiety, depression, etc.), addiction to chemicals (alcoholcannabiscocainecrystal methamphetamine,Oxycontinheroin, etc.) and extends to ‘process’ addictions such as compulsive gambling and sex addiction.

Sunshine Coast Health Center also offers mental health services in addition to addiction counselling. All clients are provided with initial medical and psychiatric assessments as well as ongoing access to the mental health team (psychiatrist, psychologist and psychiatric nurse) during their stay in our alcohol and drug rehab program. Take advantage of complimentary family services. In our experience, we find that loved ones who take advantage of telephone support and the on-site Family & Couples Program at Sunshine Coast have a significant advantage over those who do not. By changing the family dynamic at home, clients are better equipped for the challenge of maintaining positive change achieved during treatment.

For more information see the Alcohol and Drug Rehab Progams & Services page.



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Drug Rehabilitation CenterAt Sunshine Coast Health Center, we welcome the opportunity to be different than other residential drug addiction treatment centers in Canada. Some of the innovations we have adopted since our opening in 2004 include:

1.  A Non-Traditional Treatment Model – utilizes an approach that integrates non-12 Step, research-based practices, including medical, psychiatric, psychosocial, and positive existential psychotherapy. We focus on addiction as a lack of personal meaning rather than addiction as a disease.

2.  A Focus Beyond Mere Abstinence – focuses on personal transformation and full integration into society that goes beyond, yet includes, the traditional addiction treatment goals of abstinence as well as physical and mental stability.

3.  An Emphasis on Client Strengths – emphasizing the capacities of clients to take control of their lives, develop resilience, and find the courage to overcome fears.

4.  An Emphasis on the ‘Why’ of Recovery – while addressing (like most treatment centres) the ‘how’ of recovery – meetings, a healthy diet, exercise, etc. – Sunshine Coast pays special attention to the ‘why’ of recovery, or a reason to stop using drugs or alcohol.

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

5.  An Environment Where Clients Can Be Themselves – allows clients to have an authentic relationship with their peer group and staff in an environment of empathy and unconditional, positive regard. Unlike most treatment centres, Sunshine Coast does not tell clients, directly or indirectly, what they can talk about or how to live their lives.

6.  Therapy that is More About Process than Content – having therapists connect with clients at a human level is more important than any school or technique of psychotherapy.

7.  A Shared Partnership with Families – encouraging family members to set healthy boundaries and practice self-care. Family members examine their unhealthy responses to a loved one’s addiction as unhelpful coping skills. Traditional characterizations of family members as “co-dependent” and “in denial” are avoided due to a lack of scientific validity.

8.  Treatment for the Whole Person – we consider the full dimensions of each client as opposed to merely generically treating an addict or his addiction.

For more information see the Our Drug Rehabilitation Center is Different page.


- Laura Hirose

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