Leigh Harrington, MD

Masters in treatment and training in TEAM therapy

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370, 132 E Street, Davis, CA 95616, USA  |  Phone: 619-804-5255


Hello!  Are you are considering engaging in psychotherapy?  Consider the approach you think would work best for you. The TEAM approach emphasizes an active process most suitable for proactively making change in your life, with the support and understanding of a professional.  This approach can provide powerful help in depression, self-esteem, anxiety, relationship issues, anger, and habits/addictions.

I am a Board-Certified Adult Psychiatrist in private practice in Davis, California. My psychiatry training was completed at Stanford where I became interested in Dr. Burn’s TEAM model. I have been a member of the UC Davis Volunteer Clinical Faculty and lead a TEAM consultation group in Davis, CA. I enjoy working with clients using the TEAM model for personal development, professional leadership, enhancing relationships, and combating depression and anxiety, as well as providing supervision to professionals.  For more information please visit my website: www.LeighHarringtonMD.com


  • Individual therapy & counseling
  • Marriage or couples counseling
  • Medication consultation (but not prescribing)
  • Intensive therapy
  • Clinical consultation/supervision
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