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TEAM Therapist Certification Program

The Feeling Good Institute’s Certification Program in Dr.David Burn’s model of TEAM Therapy

Have you attended one of David Burn’s, M.D., amazing workshops? Then you might already be on your way to TEAM therapy model certification! The Feeling Good Institute now offers certification in TEAM Model Therapy. TEAM Therapy is David Burn’s radical approach to creating and sustaining life long change for clients through Testing, Empathy, Agenda setting, and Methods.

Purposes of Certification:

  • Promote quality training in TEAM Therapy
  • Maintain quality control of TEAM Therapists
  • Increase world-wide client access to quality TEAM Therapists
  • Acknowledge & refer to TEAM Therapists

Benefits of Certification include:

  • Public recognition and referrals through Institute website
  • Access to the Certification Listserv (networking, consultation, & ongoing training)
  • Access to advanced training opportunities
  • Certificate of Achievement



The Feeling Good Institute is excited to offer a brand new, small online TEAM Therapy CBT training group for clinicians Mondays, 11am-12:45pm PST led by TEAM master trainer and clinician Jill Levitt Ph.D. All you need is a headset and a webcam to join!


The group will start 4/14/14 and will include a maximum of 14 participants. Training will be available for at least six months. The curriculum will include in depth training in Testing, Empathy skills, Agenda Setting, and numerous Methods. Participation in the group can serve as credit towards certification in TEAM therapy.



$235 monthly, OR $205 per month with 3-month commitment (pay $605), OR $195 per month with 6-month commitment (pay $1170).   That’s less than $50 for 1 hour 45 minutes of training!!

Participants will also be expected to obtain the TEAM Therapy textbook known as the eBook ($189) and the “TEAM therapist’s tool kit” ($99) directly from Dr. Burns at  Please note that these are reduced rates available for members of this group and other TEAM training groups.



For all inquiries and registration/consent forms please contact Jill Levitt, Ph.D. at or look for the online group payment option at

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