The EDGEWOOD Foundation


Non-Profit Addictions Charity

The EDGEWOOD Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit, registered charitable society. Its mission is to provide funding for addictions research, education, and financial sponsorship to individuals seeking treatment.

The Foundation is always seeking charitable donations, and tax receipts are issued for donations over $20. With these charitable resources, a separate Board of Directors develops criteria for funding changes to the face of addictions treatment.

Addictions Research

Even though the disease of addiction is abundantly prevalent, basic research and practical information is still needed by addictions professionals. The EDGEWOOD Foundation provides funds for specific research projects developed by EDGEWOOD, in partnership with major Universities and other organizations. Several projects are underway.


Health care professionals, and others dealing with addictions, can look to EDGEWOOD for further training and practical experience.

EDGEWOOD currently conducts many regular training programs for physicians, counselors and other professionals. We’ve received very positive feedback and results. Many of these programs receive funding from the EDGEWOOD Foundation.


Individuals who lack sufficient resources, and who meet the EDGEWOOD Foundation’s criteria for support, may be eligible to receive a sponsorship. Support may be available for our Inpatient Program or our INSITE Program.

The EDGEWOOD Endowment Fund directly influences our ability to provide timely and consistent funding for all of our projects and we are grateful for the continuing generosity of our donors.

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